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William Shakespeare peered across the room. A sad-looking dark-haired girl sat at a table on her own. After scrutinising her arse for a few seconds, Shakespeare decided he should go over to see what was wrong.

“You all right?” he enquired.

“Ahh, I’m having a bad week,” said Kim Kardashian.

“It’s not a man, is it?” said Shakespeare.

“Yeah, it’s my marriage. I filed for divorce yesterday.”

Shakespeare felt it would be okay to put his hand on her shoulder at this point. “Oh no,” he said. “That’s terrible. But sometimes these things need to happen.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” said Kim. “You know, I worked at it and worked at it, but it just reached a point, where, you know…”

Shakespeare sat down next to her. “Sometimes people grow apart,” he proffered.

“That’s exactly it,” said Kim. “I feel like maybe we grew apart over the days.”

There was a pause.

“Days?” asked Shakespeare.

“Yeah,” said Kim, without elaborating.

“How long were you married?” asked Shakespeare.

“72 days,” said Kim.

Shakespeare removed his hand from the Kardashian shoulder and looked into the middle distance. “72 days?” he repeated.

“72 days,” said Kim again.

“But you were together for a while before that?” asked Shakespeare.

“Oh yeah,” said Kim, looking up for the first time. We were together for months. We met almost a year ago now.”

Shakespeare started laughing.

“What?” said Kim. “Why are you laughing?”

“You’re a fucking idiot,” said Shakespeare, leaning back in his chair.

“How can you say that?” said Kim, looking hurt.

“You’re a complete fucking idiot,” reiterated the bard.

“I’m heartbroken,” exclaimed Kardashian, her voice betraying her outrage.

“You aren’t heartbroken,” stated Shakespeare confidently. “You haven’t earned the right to be heartbroken. You’re upset, yes, but saying you’re heartbroken is an insult to anyone who’s invested time in a relationship and had a depth of feeling for someone that can produce genuine heartbreak.”

“Don’t tell me how I’m feeling,” spat Kim.

“I don’t know you from Adam, but I bet you miss the attention the relationship drew rather than the relationship itself,” said Shakespeare, arching one eyebrow.

“It was a proper marriage,” cried Kim. “The wedding cost 10 million dollars.”

“You could have spent that better,” chuckled Shakespeare, a tad mockingly.

“Well that’s where you’re wrong,” countered Kim. “Because that wedding made me 18 million dollars.”

“What the fuck?” spluttered Shakespeare, all the humour shaken from him. “How does a wedding make money?”

“If you’re important enough, you can get magazine and TV deals.” Kardashian fluttered her eyelashes outrageously.

“There was a TV deal? For your wedding?” Shakespeare was staggered. His head hung and he stared at the table in front of him.

“One of the worst parts about this divorce is that E! might pull out of the deal to show the re-runs,” said Kim.

“You fucking dick,” cried Shakespeare suddenly and with feeling.

Kim Kardashian, looked at him in astonishment.

“You complete fucking knob,” continued Shakespeare, as if the point needed making again. “You know, I saw you from over there.” He gestured towards the doorway. “I saw your arse and your tits and I thought ‘there’s somebody worth talking to’. But I’ve been here for about two minutes and I’m already wondering if you’re the most despicable human being I’ve ever encountered.”

Kim Kardashian’s eyes moistened.

“There isn’t much in life worth living for, but the few things that are good all revolve around your relationships with the people closest to you. If you’ve acted-out the closest relationship there is, you’re a fucking prick, whatever your reasons – even if the guy was in on it and felt the same way.”

“Well that’s your opinion,” sniffed Kim.

“It fucking is,” replied Shakespeare. “And you know what? Now that I come over here, I see that your face has a bland quality that might not seem apparent from a distance or in a small photograph. However, once you get close, once there’s clarity, it is totally without beauty. You’re like a pale, hollow mannequin that’s totally devoid of any of the human qualities that truly make someone attractive.”

“Your clothes are fucking retarded,” retorted Kim.

“Good job I haven’t based my entire life around them then, dipshit,” said Shakespeare, sauntering off.

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Posted by Alex On November - 1 - 2011

4 Responses to “Meeting Kim Kardashian at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas”

  1. DanM says:

    LEGEND! My favourite time of the week, the last Weak Holidays story!!

  2. DanM says:

    Latest I mean

  3. Alex says:

    It’s even got pictures of a woman this week!

  4. Ramsay says:

    Must stop reading these at work….too much snortage.

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