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William Shakespeare looked up from his book in order to take in the spectacular sea view before him. He inhaled deeply and focused on just how relaxed he was feeling. His body and mind felt refreshed and alive. He tried to capture the sensation such that he might draw on it again at a later date somehow.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a figure moving towards him across the golden sands, striding along as if he owned the fucking place. It was Rick Witter from Shed 7.

“All right, mate,” said Rick Witter.

Shakespeare looked up at him from his sun lounger, but didn’t say a word.

“Do you like that, mate – reading?”

“I do, actually,” responded Shakespeare pompously.

“Does it relax you?” asked Witter and then without waiting for an answer, he continued. “I’ve never done that. I’ve never read a book. Don’t see the point.”

Shakespeare regarded the wiry frontman with contempt and again opted not to speak.

“What you reading anyway,” said Witter. “Some fucking storybook, is it? Is it Little Red Riding Hood or summat?”

Shakespeare closed the book and pointed the cover towards Witter. “It’s The World According To Clarkson, by Clarkson.”

“Clarkson?” said Witter. “That car guy with the shit hair?”

“The very same.”

“What you reading that for?”

“I hardly think I’ll be able to detail Clarkson’s many fine qualities as a writer to someone who seems so proud of never having read a book.”

“Try,” instructed Witter aggressively.

“Try this,” replied Shakespeare, raising his middle finger and thrusting it in the singer’s face.

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Posted by Alex On October - 11 - 2011

3 Responses to “Reading on the beach at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados”

  1. DanM says:

    Will William be appearing as a ninja anytime soon?

  2. Alex says:

    William basically IS a ninja.

    And then some.

  3. DanM says:

    Totally HARD!!

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