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Holidays in Antalya

Find holidays in Antalya

Antalya climate

Antalya, in Turkey, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. Summer is warm and dry, while winter is mild with slightly more rain, although it is generally sunny most months.

Average temperatures in centigrade

January: 15
February: 15
March: 18
April: 21
May: 25
June: 31
July: 34
August: 34
September: 31
October: 26
November: 21
December: 17

Best time to visit Antalya

Antalya can be unpleasantly hot at the height of summer, while December, January and February are the only months that see significant rainfall. Outside of those times, the climate is pleasant and has made it the ideal holiday destination.

Posted by Alex On January - 23 - 2010

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